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Continuous Casting Refractories

Alumina Castables

  • High Alumina Castables

    We offer a wide range of High Alimina Castables, which are used in various industrial segments for specific applications. The maximum grain size and chemical analysis of High Alumina Refractory Castable may vary depending on the type or brand.

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    High Alumina Castables

  • Alumina Special Castable

    We have been manufacturing excellent quality Alumina Special Castable for a long time. The availability of this alumina special castable with various noted features has eased the customers.

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    Alumina Special Castable

Other Products

  • Insulating Castable

    Insulation Castables manufactured by our company are available in various types with specified technical specifications. Utmost care is taken while manufacturing these Refractory Insulation Castables, so the exact requirements of the clients can be fulfilled.

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    Insulating Castable

  • Fire Clay Bricks

    Fire Clay Bricks are the most common forms of bricks used for construction purposes. Our company offers various types of Fire Clay Refractory Bricks with different capacities to withstand high temperature.

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    Fire Clay Bricks

  • High Grog Bricks

    Our company manufactures highly durable High Grog Bricks, which are used extensively for numerous construction projects and other purposes. Fabricated from optimum quality raw material these Dense High Grog Bricks symbolizes strength.

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    High Grog Bricks

  • High Alumina Bricks
    The High Alumina Bricks manufactured by Durga Ceramics are the end result of blending excellent quality raw material with cutting edge technology. We make sure that the High Alumina Fire Bricks offered by us have gone through all the quality control parameters for maintaining their high quality

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    High Alumina Bricks

  • Acid Resistant Bricks

    Acid Resistant Bricks manufactured by our company are available in various classes for meeting the specific requirements of the clients. The outstanding acid and water resistant capacity of these Chemical Resistant Bricks has increased their demand in the market.

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    Acid Resistant Bricks

  • Fire Clay Mortars
    The Fire Clay Mortars manufactured by our company are fabricated from top quality raw material and processed through most advanced processing techniques. The Medium Duty Fire-Clay Mortar offered by us comes with ceramic and air setting feature, which has increased their demand in the market. The

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    Fire Clay Mortars

  • High Alumina Mortars
    The High Alumina Mortars manufactured by our company are made from optimum quality raw material. We offer these High Alumina Castable Mortars in large variety with air and ceramic setting features. The service and sintering temperature of these high alumina mortars is different as per the variety

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    High Alumina Mortars